Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lucky Max

"Lucky Max," a short story by Mark Jansen, author of Apers (Dailey Swan Publishing, 2006), highlights the unusual gifts of a severely autistic boy who has mastered the ability to manipulate the fabric of space. Through his intense powers of concentration, Max can play the piano compositions of the great masters, and can transport his consciousness across the I-MAP, Einstein's infinite matrix of accessible probabilities in space-time.
"Don't pay attention to them; they are nothing more than mankind's ignorant molasses."
-Dr. Muboto
Published by Neonuma Arts in the Able to... anthology, "Lucky Max" combines the heady cosmic theory of strings with the human compassion of a special patient and his charismatic psychologist. Together, they make an entertaining duo until one day....

Apers is available on Amazon.com
Able to... is avaliable at neonuma.com